galvanized steel single door roof hatch for ladder access

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Fixed Walk-Thru Ladder


Fixed Ladders

In many cases, whether your job is large or small, a fixed vertical ladder is a small part of the overall job. At we know how to keep it that way.

There are many requirements of OSHA and ANSI that may create a liability in your workplace if they are not known and taken into account when purchasing a ladder. We want to make sure that we help you get the exact product needed to meet OSHA standards for ladders in order to help limit your liability and keep your employees safe.

Our fixed ladders with walk thru handrails (FW and FWC) can be used for both interior and exterior applications. They can be used for mezzanine access ladders, secondary egress ladders, platform ladders, exterior roof access ladders and more.

Our standard fixed vertical ladders (FS and FSC) are made for roof hatch ladders and side step off ladders. They are available with cages that go to the top of the ladder for exit through a hatch, or with left or right hand exit to a landing platform.

For all fixed vertical ladders with a floor to floor elevation under 20' we have uncaged fixed ladders as well as caged ladders for elevations of 10'-30'.

Ladder's fixed walk thru ladders and standard fixed ladders are available powder coated in 11 different colors, galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Powder Colors:
Wet White
Crimson Red
Smoke Gray
Safety Yellow
Utility Gray
Jet Black
Designer Beige

**Note: Colors shown on screen are not exact colors. These colors are meant to illustrate the available options.

Fixed Ladder with walk through handrail and Standard Fixed Ladder Specifications
Standoff Brackets
7" (typ) can be modified to individual conditions
Fixed Walk thru ladder with safety cage
Rung Length
Rung Construction
3/4" Round Corrugated
Side Members

2"x2"x1/4" angle side members

* also available 3"x3"x1/4" angle side members

Rung Spacing
12" on center
Mounting Holes
(1) / stand off bracket 9/16"
Top Handrail
(FW and FWC only)

42" high with a 24" opening

1" round tube

Available Sizes Without Cage *
*F4W, F5W, F6W, F7W, F8W, F9W, F10W, F11W, F12W, F13W, F14W, F15W, F16W, F17W, F18W, F19W, F20W
Available Sizes With Cage Included
*F11WC, F12CW, F13WC, F14WC, F15WC, F16WC, F17WC, F18WC, F19WC, F20WC, F21WC, F22WC, F23WC, F24WC, F25WC, F26WC, F27WC, F28WC, F29WC, F30WC
300 lbs

*for standard ladder, replace W with S in model name

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