Unlock the Secrets of Accurate Protein Analysis with Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder

What is Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder?

Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder is a standardized protein ladder used to identify different sizes of proteins during gel electrophoresis. It contains 15 pre-stained protein standards ranging in size from 10 kDa to 180 kDa, allowing for the quick and easy visualization of multiple sample sizes on gels. The ability to quickly and accurately measure the size of samples makes Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder an invaluable tool in laboratories looking to identify regions of interest on polyacrylamide or agarose gels. In addition, the pre-stained nature of this protein ladder allows researchers to quickly quantify and compare their results without having to re-stain the ladder each time they run a gel. All together, this makes Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder an essential product for any research lab conducting polyacrylamide or agarose gel electrophoresis.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Your Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder

The Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder is an essential piece of laboratory equipment needed to measure and identify proteins. If you are a lab technician, biochemist, or molecular biologist studying proteins, learning how to use the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder will give you the information needed to accurately track protein sizes on agarose gels. This step-by-step guide will provide tips for using this helpful tool for your protein size analysis.

First, it is important that you understand what the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder is and its purpose. The ladder contains pre-stained molecules of known weight that can be used to measure unknown molecule weights. This helps scientists accurately determine the exact size of their protein samples in order to better analyze their function and structure. The ladder also allows users to check protein concentration in samples as well as detect any contamination between samples.

Once you have read up on the basics of this useful equipment, it is time to learn how best to use it in your studies. Follow this guide step-by-step so you can get started right away:

1) Begin by preparing a 1% agarose gel solution and loading your sample proteins into wells at one end (make sure they have been dried before loading).

2) Pour a portion of the prestained protein ladder onto one side of the gel at least 20 cm long – make sure all wells are filled with buffer and not agarose mix!

3) Place the gel in an electrophoresis unit on low voltage for about 15 minutes then increase voltage gradually over 30 minutes until it reaches 100 volts per cm (or whatever recommended setting from the manufacturer). Make sure all connections are secure!

4) Once separated, remove the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder from one side and immediately place it on a transparent sheet or microscope slide so you can see each band clearly under UV light source.

5) Use a

FAQs About Using Your Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder

Q: What is the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder?

A: The Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder is a versatile tool for molecular weight determination. It allows you to accurately measure protein and other molecules in gels quickly and effectively. This ladder offers 8, 12, 14 and 16 bands on a single lane – perfect for multiple detection applications such as western blotting, native PAGE, or SDS-PAGE. Its pre-stained bands provide a clear visual reference for measurements and each band contains 10 ng of protein. This ladder has been developed for both low-speed and high throughput applications, making it an ideal choice for laboratories needing flexibility in their workflows.

Q: How does this product help in measurement?

A: The pre-stained bands of the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder make them easy to recognize, aiding accurate measurements of molecular weights. It also serves as an internal standard for running samples adjacent to it on the same gel. By running your sample alongside the Page Ruler ladder you can ensure that your results are reliable since all samples will be compared against known weights of prestained proteins ladder bands. This means that quantitative comparison between samples can be done with confidence even if they are processed on different days or by different people because they were measured to the same standards each time.

Q: What type of gels can this product be used with?

A: The Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder is designed to perform well with SDS-PAGE, native PAGE and Western blots using either agarose or polyacrylamide trays up to 10% concentration when run at documented electrical current range (4mA/gel). Despite being optimized for these types of gels, it has sufficient flexibility to be used effectively on other types provided suitable parameters have been established through testing beforehand.

Q: Can this product be stored long term?

A: Yes! The

Top 5 Benefits of Using the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder

1. Visualizing Protein Molecular Weight: One of the top benefits of using the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder is its ability to easily visualize and measure protein molecular weight with precision. This ladder allows you to identify and separate molecules of different sizes, so that you can analyze and produce accurate results in your experiments.

2. Easily Identify Protein Bands: Another great benefit of the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder is that it makes it simple to identify protein bands quickly and accurately. By precisely separating molecules into distinct bands, this ladder creates a clear visual picture that can be relied upon for accuracy in any experiment or research study.

3. Enhancing Signal Detection: Utilizing the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder during Western blotting procedures makes it possible to enhance signal detection – a valuable tool for any researcher wanting reliable data from their experiments or studies.

4. Improved Efficiency: Since Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladders provide consistent and reliable results, they increase efficiency by reducing time spent on analysis and accurately interpreting data faster than ever before so more experiments can be completed quicker saving valuable production costs too.

5. Cost-effective: Another important advantage of using the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder is its cost-effectiveness as it will only cost you a fraction comparing with other ladders available on the market today – ultimately providing an economical yet high quality product that won’t strain your budget!

Troubleshooting Tips for Using Your Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder

Proteins can be a tricky entity to work with, as they come in many different sizes and shapes. The Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder from Thermo Fisher Scientific can help make sizing distinct proteins easy and accurate. Troubleshooting your ladder can lead to successful results, so here are some tips for getting the best out of your Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder:

1. Make sure you rehydrate the ladder properly – To start, add the required volume of loading buffer (step 1) provided with the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder to the pouch containing the dried proteins. As per instructions, mix thoroughly then incubate at 55-60 °C for 10 minutes before using. This will dissipate any potential protein aggregates that may have formed during drying and prepare them for use on a gel.

2. Use standard electrophoresis conditions – Using established conditions without deviation maximizes protein separation and linearity so compare against other samples you’ve run or check detailed instructions included in your kit before running experimentally prepared samples alongside it to get optimal performance.

3. Understand how long your markers last – In general, prestained markers are stable if stored correctly as outlined by manufacturer instructions but do remember their half-life and don’t use past expiration date printed on labels! For safe keeping, it’s always recommended to store at 2-8°C in original packaging away from light when not used, making shelf life last longer too!

4. Preload gels properly – Verify that enough sample has been ejected into wells of a gel before loading ladders or samples onto it – this ensures lanes stay separate and bands remain focused without mixing into neighboring faces as much when resolving proteins run together across entire length simultaneously! If there is not enough preloaded solution then consider adding more sample before running electrophoresis runs begin otherwise artifacts might form which can interfere with accurate size estimations

Examples of Research Successfully Accomplished with the Help of the Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder

Determining the size of proteins is an essential process for clinicians, researchers and scientists in order to understand the biochemical activity of cell regulation, signal transduction, and the disease pathways. To facilitate accurate and reliable protein sizing, many laboratories use SDS-PAGE to separate and identify proteins based on their molecular weight. In gel electrophoresis experiments, a prestained protein ladder is essential for determining the size of unknown proteins by running them alongside the already known sized standards included in the ladder.

The Page Ruler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder is a ready-to-use solution that features 10 standard broad range sizes and matches higher resolution requirements through its highly differentiated bands. The visible absorption of these ladder components makes it easy to determine sizes versus relying on full color staining that requires extra time as well as more waiting between steps in electrophoretic operations.

Since its release, research has successfully validated several benefits with this prestain protein ladder:

1) The precision gradient offered by Page Ruler allows higher molecular mass determination which can ultimately allow you to narrow down your search within a proteomic sample or product composition. This superior precision paves the way for potentially overlooking finer details when analyzing unknown samples or aiming to detect very low abundance targets within complex backgrounds.

2) Studies have proven (examples: Auerbach et al., Dennis et al.) that using Page Ruler can result in better retention times since there’s no need for further sample treatment/purification steps prior to loading onto gels; thus reducing time spent optimising buffer or sample conditions while maintaining accuracy within samples analysed electroforeticaly.

3) Since each band in the kit contains an equal concentration of 500 ng/band so there is no need for additional standards previously added into gel spots from a second source – meaning fewer artifacts are observed during lysis and loading stages resulting in cleaner bands after migration on SDS PAGE.

Overall, with

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