Using a Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder for Accurate Protein Sizing

What is the Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder?

The Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder is a convenient pre-stained standard for sizing proteins by SDS-PAGE. It includes nine coloured protein bands ranging from 10 to 240 kDa and is ideally used for molecular mass determination of samples in whole cell lysates, recombinant proteins, tissue extracts, enzymes and protein digests. This product is specially manufactured with new advanced formulation technology.

This ladder provides an efficient method of accurately sizing samples that may be present in even minute amounts including recombinant, native or denatured proteins as well as peptides and other molecules. The nine bands are colourfully stained and allows quick detection on Coomassie blue or shallow staining gels – this makes the Page Ruler ideal for rapid visualization while avoiding confounding dyes present in coomassie stains. All markers are designed to be very temperature stable and their fluorescence intensities are maintained even after prolonged incubations at higher temperatures (max 42 oC).

Apart from being perfect size marker for routine SDS-PAGE applications this product also facilitates accurate readymade band comparisons amongst unknowns using excellent precision needed in today’s scientific research laboratories.

Benefits of Using the Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder

Ideally, a protein ladder is an important tool for determining the sizes of proteins (or other macromolecules) in any sample. By comparing the banding pattern to that of a known molecular weight marker such as Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder, laboratory researchers can easily quantify and size the sample proteins accurately. Here are some key benefits of using this product:

1. High Accuracy:

The Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder contains 10 bands that range from 6-245 kDa with 16 dye colours across these bands which allow for exact identification of molecular weights without compromising precision or accuracy. It helps generate fast, reproducible results every time for reliable quantitative measurements and set up a powerful reference point for your lab work.

2. Easily Visible Bands:

The bands on the protein ladder are pre-stained to enable highly accurate visualization even through ultraviolet light sources or trans-illumination techniques with high sensitivity DNA gels and western blots loaded with numerous samples per lane. The pre-stained format eliminates any potential staining errors when working with gels and membranes containing multiple samples on it, providing excellent results without having to manually stain each sample prior loading.

3. Time Saving:

Using Page Ruler pre-stained protein ladders during Western blotting or sizing experiments not only expedites the experimental procedures but also reduces labor intensive processes associated with conventional protein markers such as SDS PAGE assays – essentially saving hours of time per experiment which would have been consumed if traditional ladders had been used instead.

4 Cost Effective:

This prestained ladder is economical and cost effective when compared to other protocols as its convenient format doesn’t require large amounts reagents nor long run times typically involve in staining small molecular weight marker proteins after running a gel separately before analysing them on western blotting platform alongside other samples being tested simultaneously in a single analysis run by commonly used laboratory equipment thus reducing the cost associated

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder

The Page Ruler prestained protein ladder is a useful tool for measuring the sizes of proteins. It is frequently used in analytical laboratories such as food testing and research, where the size of proteins need to be accurately determined and quantified. To ensure accurate results, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully when using this ladder. The following steps will help you get started on using the Page Ruler prestained protein ladder.

Step 1: Prepare your samples

Before you can begin using the Page Ruler prestained protein ladder, you must prepare your samples according to their specific requirements. Depending on what size range of proteins you are looking for, your sample preparation may include solubilizing and concentrating it into a stream or in an appropriate buffer solution. Additionally, any necessary surface treatments should also be done before loading onto the gel electrophoresis system.

Step 2: Load your samples onto the gel

Once your sample preparation is complete, load them onto an agarose gel with a suitable voltage and pre-determined times and conditions for electrophoresis — which depend largely upon how much sample material is present in total volume. Make sure that each well in the gel has an equal amount of sample before beginning electrophoresis so that all data has good baseline comparison points later on during analysis of results.

Step 3: Set up apparatus with running buffer solution

Now it’s time to set up your apparatus with running buffer solution according to manufacturer’s specifications provided on their product page or instruction manual — typically, gel boxes equipped with power units and tanks for exchanging gels are best for stability but vertical models have been known to give sufficient results too if space savings or convenience comes into play at all over capacity or reliability needs… With everything set up securely, fill any empty tank bottoms or reservoirs with buffer solution (deionized water works great) ensuring all surfaces come properly wetted from bottom up — ideally

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs) About using the Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder

What is the Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder?

The Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder is a 10-lane protein ladder designed for use with SDS polyacrylamide gels. It can be used to accurately assess the size of proteins or peptides in a sample as well as identify protein subunits and/or degradation products. The ladder has 10 different protein markers ranging from 12.5 to 250 kDa, including lower-molecular weight bands that are more common in native PAGE gels. The lanes contain 0.5 ml each of prestained proprietary mixture of “ready-to-use” proteins as well as glycerol and EDTA, which helps to improve resolution on native gels. It also features blue dye for easier visualization and an expiration date for quality assurance purposes.

Can I store any unused portions of the gel after use?

Yes, any remaining portion of the prestained protein ladder can be stored at 4°C in the dark for up to one month from opening the package, provided that it is still sealed and stored according to manufacturer specifications. It is important to remember that repeated freeze/thaw cycles should be avoided as they may lead to loss of activity or reduced product performance over time.

How do I prepare the Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder for use?

To prepare your ladder for use, simply denature it by boiling in sample buffer containing 2% SDS plus dithiothreitol (DTT) equivalent weight). Boil the samples at 95°C until they become clear; this usually takes 1-2 minutes depending on sample concentration. Once denatured, you can immediately proceed with loading onto a precast or homemade gel system and applying an electric field using electrophoresis techniques as appropriate per your lab procedures and protocols.

What are some purity considerations when using this ladder?

Before using this protein ladder

Top Five Facts about the Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder

1. The Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder is a convenient, ready-to-use combination of 11 high quality recombinant protein standards that are pre-stained with Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 dye and divided into 5 broad range bands for easier identification and quantitation. This product is ideal for separating proteins in SDS polyacrylamide gels, typically ranging from 3 to 190 kDa in size.

2. Unlike other preparative protein ladders on the market, the Page Ruler ladder does not contain BSA or any other stabilizer proteins which can contaminate samples, skewing data results and complicating analyses. Moreover, the “no run-off” formulation ensures accurate band identification and superior visualization resolution for both western blotting and Coomassie stained gels.

3. For maximum accuracy of molecular weight determination by comparison of migrated standards versus same volume bank loaded sample lanes, this ladder includes four lower mass bands (from 6 – 43 kDa) as well as six higher molecular weight bands (for 77 – 190 KDa) to fully span a wide range of molecular weights appropriate for most protein samples analyzed via electrophoresis methods.

4. Visualization intensity of the pre-staining dye is optimized to enable rapid identification of all 11 markers even at low magnification levels upon direct visualization with no need for photography et cetera -and two distinctive blue tracks guarantee that they will remain clearly visible until all experimental components have run their course between loading wells/zones and finalizing staining procedures prior to analysis of sample data in formulating conclusions from lab tests .

5. Finally, simultaneous comparison between different gel runs made by different lab personnel or over different periods of time (such as 24 hrs!) becomes simple when using one reliable Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder alone in each instance; with minimal variation or discrepancy between sample data obtained regardless environmental conditions tested under nor number test times repeats

Final Thoughts on How the Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder Can Help Streamline Your Research

The Page Ruler prestained protein ladder is an indispensable resource for researchers. It offers a fast and accurate way to determine the size of proteins, allowing scientists to better understand the biological role they play in living organisms. With its pre-stained 1-10 kDa bands, it allows researchers to quickly identify exactly which proteins are present in a sample, as well as how many copies of each protein exist. This makes experiments easier and faster, as these sizes can be easily visualized on agarose gel electrophoresis after SDS-PAGE separation has been performed.

Page Rulers also allow quick assessment of relative molecular masses without spending time and money on additional sizing reagents or expensive instrumentation such as mass spectrometry. This saves both time and costs while ensuring results are still reliable and trustworthy due to the presizing method employed in creating the ladders themselves.

Page ruler ladders have another advantage – they are compatible with almost every dye system available, so gel staining techniques such as SYPRO Ruby staining can also be used effectivelynalongside them during electrophoresis. Plus, their small size means you get more consistent results over larger gels when performing experiments with multiple standards in one lane for comparement purposes!

Finally, these versatile ladders can even be used alongside other loading dyes on medium sized DNA samples that often don’t require sizes above 10 kDa – making them ideal for labs working on miniaturized workflows or where space is limited!

All in all, the Page Ruler Prestained Protein Ladder provides an invaluable resource for scientists eager to make progress with their research projects. Its simple use combined with its relatively low cost makes it an accessible tool that has helped countless studies make efficient progress across various fields of biology and biochemistry; a testament to the importance prestige awaiting us when adding this excellent tool into our labs today!

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