Werner, 22 Ft LadderThe Benefits of Werners 22 Ft Ladder

Introduction to Werner 22 ft Ladder: Basics, Benefits & Considerations

Werner 22 ft ladders are the perfect addition to any toolbox. Whether you’re a tradesman, do-it-yourselfer, or just someone who needs a good ladder for your everyday tasks, one of these can provide you with unbeatable safety and convenience in almost any situation. But before making your purchase, there are some important basics and benefits that must be taken into consideration.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that this is an incredibly long ladder. Despite being firmly grounded at the bottom via special stabilizers, its great length can still pose some potential risks. Therefore, if you plan on using it for any substantial amount of time or weight capacity — such as holding up great amounts of materials or having more than one person on it — please make sure to read through all safety instructions thoroughly and use fall protection equipment where necessary.

Now moving on to the basics: most Werner ladders come equipped with impressive quality double rungs which not only increases stability but also provides extra support when going up or down to serve as maximum security against slips and wobbling. Plus they have anti-slip feet which drastically reduces movement while providing extra grip on slippery surfaces like made rooftops and other low friction structures. Additionally they are capable of reaching higher roof heights thanks to their optional fly sections plus they can easily be adjusted according to the task by platforming them together when needed (make sure your purchase includes such an option).

Last but not least: when considering a Werner 22ft ladder keep in mind its countless benefits too! The included airspace channel gives assurance that nothing will get caught in between causing damage; its wrapped front frame offers greater access for unrestricted corner work; weight capacity has been tested both edge wise and open sided ensuring ultra strength and durability; transport wheels make storage fast with zero effort required from your part; finally there is no assembly required thus setup time is significantly reduced once delivery takes place (this varies depending on model).

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy a Werner 22 ft Ladder

Finding the right ladder for a particular situation can be tricky. That’s why we decided to create this step-by-step guide on how to buy a Werner 22 ft ladder. This guide will take you through every step of the purchasing process, ensuring that you pick out exactly the right type of ladder to serve your needs.

Step 1: Determine What Type of Ladder You Need

Before you start shopping, it’s important to figure out what kind of ladder will best suit your needs. A Werner 22 ft ladder is available in several types including extension, multi-position and articulated ladders — so determine which one is best before moving on with the buying process. Generally speaking, an extension style works best for working at heights as high as 20 feet or more; an articulating model works best for varied terrains and detailed work; and a multi-position will give you more versatility in different circumstances such as stairs and ramps.

Step 2: Find a Retailer

Once you know what type of ladder you need, it’s time to figure out where to buy it. Look around online or consult local tools and equipment stores until you find a reputable retailer who sells these types of ladders at a good price. If possible, try to view each type in person before selecting one – this way, you can make sure that it fits neatly into your storage space when not in use!

Step 3: Keep Safety in Mind

It’s always important to pay close attention to safety features when choosing any kind of stepladder or extension ladder. Inspect each model closely for non-skid base pads that ensure secure footing, steel locking mechanisms that guarantee stability while climbing and carrying items up/down the steps, shock-absorbing end caps that prevent damage during transportation and setup, accented color wraparound labeling making instructions easy and convenient visible while using the steps may also help tremendously in both safety over time usage.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Werner 22 ft Ladder

What is the Werner 22 ft ladder?

The Werner 22-foot ladder is a lightweight, durable and versatile ladder designed to help you complete any number of tasks. It has a 225 lb load capacity and height of up to 22′ for use in many home or work-related applications. The construction supports two people accessing height, with two Non-Conductive rails for added safety when working around electricity. Its compact design allows for transportation in most standard pick-up trucks, making it the perfect choice for roofing jobs or any project requiring a sturdy ladder that can be safely transported long distances.

What are the features of the Werner 22 ft Ladder?

The Werner 22 ft Ladder is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum making it durable and lightweight at only 59 lbs yet strong enough to support two people with a combined weight capacity of up to 225 lbs. Additionally, its slip resistant Traction Tread steps provide confidence while accessing high locations. For extra safety, its innovative ProTop™ with magnet and multiple tool slots keep tools easily accessible while working on the top rung. The integrated top brace provides impact resistance when closing the ladder and helps keep it shut whenever it’s not being used. Last but not least, every part included on this model meets OSHA regulations allowing you to use it in many licensed projects without hassle.

What is the maximum weight capacity?

225 lbs – great news if you’re looking to jump start your career in roofing! This model has a heavy duty aluminum frame making for long lasting usage even under weight intensive projects such as these ones! As always make sure you review all safety instructions before taking on any project involving heights!

Are there additional accessories that I can purchase separately?

Yes, indeed! At our online store we offer several accessories that are compatible with this wonderful product including an adjustable stabilizer bar which exports widths from 44 inches up 63 inches plus an accessory bucket holder sold

Top 5 Facts about the Werner 22 ft Ladder You Should Know

Buying a ladder is an important decision and you want to ensure that you’re purchasing the right one for your needs. That’s why it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the features of each option. Here are five facts about the Werner 22 ft ladder you should know before deciding if it’s right for you:

1) Maximum Reach Height: One of the top reasons why people choose the Werner 22 ft ladder is its maximum reach height — specifically 22 feet. This allows users to easily access hard-to-reach places so they can complete their task quickly and effectively, no matter what type of job they need to do. The ladder also has a built-in step which provides even more versatility, allowing users to get close to walls or other structures without any issues.

2) Material: Another great feature of this ladder is its sturdy construction made with durable materials. It comes equipped with an aircraft grade aluminum top and bottom design combined with an inside spreader system for enhanced stability when in use. Plus, all rungs feature a rust-resistant finish so it will look great for years on end and hold up well during any type of weather situation.

3) Safety Features: Safety should always be your primary focus when using ladders, and that’s exactly what you get with the Werner 22 ft ladder — along with increased working stability thanks to its locking leg braces, slip-resistant soles, nonconductive railings, as well as protective hanger brackets included in its base design.

4) Weight Capacity: Whether planning on accessing high places or carrying heavy items up and down the stairs, weight load capacity is just as critical as reach height when choosing a ladder and there’s plenty granted by this particular model — 300 lbs across both sides accurately divided between 6 rung locks per side evenly distributed throughout entire structure lengthwise.

5) Warranty: You won’t

Pros and Cons of Owning a Werner 22 ft Ladder

Owning a Werner 22 ft Ladder can provide a lot of stability and safety for any homeowner looking to tackle DIY projects or fit a repair around their home. It is lightweight, easy to transport and store, yet it also robust enough to support up to 300 lbs. With an adjustable height as well, it can prove extremely useful for plenty of tasks whether inside or outside of your home. However, there are some pros and cons to consider before investing in one:


1. Height versatility – The Werner 22 ft ladder can be adjusted in height from 19′ 10″ up through its maximum length of 22 ft 9″. This allows you to reach heights that you might not normally have access too.

2. Compact storage – With the ability to fold down the Mrscrew compactly making storage very simple when not in use – which cuts down on storage space!

3. Ease of relocation – Weighing only 62 lbs and being able Selectric Switch easier than ever before

4. Durable materials – The Werner ladder is constructed with durable aluminium which makes it capable of handling more than 300 lbs meaning it is safe and sturdy even when used at full extension.

5. Accessories – The Werner ladder has attachments such as casters for perform rough terrain work safely, plus guard rails for further security whilst using the ladder on those harder tasks.


1. Expense – Whilst a very competitive price given the features this ladder offers, there could be slightly cheaper options out there shouldyou research furthher into what’s available on the market today; although this may come at a compromise between safety and quality

2 Getting damaged – Aluminium does oxidize quickly over time due to exposure from weather elements, so some regular maintenance will be preferred if stored outdoors when not in use

Final Thoughts: Deciding if A Werner 22 ft ladder is Right for You

Deciding whether a Werner 22 ft ladder is the right one for you depends on your needs and plans. If you are primarily looking for a long, lightweight ladder for occasional use, the 22 ft Werner is an excellent option. It’s construction offers excellent durability and safety features and the sturdiness makes it perfect for tasks like window cleaning and decorating. The convenient folding design also allows users to easily take the ladder with them when needed or store it away when not in use. The non-marring feet protect surfaces from damage, making this ladder ideal for both indoor and outdoor work.

However, if you’re expecting frequent or heavy-duty use out of this ladder, what you may be looking for is something more durable and possibly more expensive than the Werner 22 ft Ladder. Professional contractors might consider something like the Little Giant XE M17 which has much higher weight capacity so that they can feel secure while climbing up to heights of 17-25′ – though this has its own limitations as well due to its dramatic bulkiness and added weight (about 60lbs). If even stronger capacity is desired, other brands such as Louisville offer ladders that have a 375 lbs capacity, though some are priced above 2nd thousand dollars range..

At any rate, picking out the right ladder for your project will depend on what specifically what task it’ll be used most heavily for – e.g., home improvement projects vs commercial work sites – as well as how often you plan on using it in total before needing a replacement or upgrade iterations down later speedway as well budget allowed range at play too matters factor boldly wisely cause failure at times gets err misleading & clouded eyesight state profoundly within bear mind carefully underline with grit & determination key situation parameters substantially overrule stuff cause mishaps mishandle steps taken quite blatantly ill-advised leading many dissatisfactions amplified stress level needless matters hugely deeply maturely anyways re nutshell if plan casual laborious job go head buy according preference taste pocket

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